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Mary Ellen Wehner

Mary Ellen Wehner

Administrative Assistant

Mary Ellen Wehner is a highly accomplished professional with an impressive career spanning 43 years in the banking industry. Throughout her journey, she began her ascent in backroom operations, gradually progressing to roles such as teller, management, commercial loan operations officer and compliance. With her strong work ethic, dedication, and expertise, she established herself as a respected figure in the banking sector before retiring.

Beyond her banking career, Mary Ellen has made a profound impact on her local community through her extensive involvement with the Jefferson County 4-H Fair Board. With an unwavering commitment, she has served as the Fair Board Treasurer for an impressive 24 years and has been an invaluable member of the board for 26 years. Her passion for supporting local initiatives and ensuring the success of the county 4-H program has been unwavering.

In addition to her involvement with the fair board, Mary Ellen has been an integral part of the 4-H organization for an astonishing three decades. As a 4-H leader, she has mentored and guided countless young individuals, instilling in them the values of leadership, responsibility, and personal growth. Her dedication to fostering the development of youth in her community has left an indelible impact.  She has also served on the local Big Brothers and Big Sisters Board for 3 years in an organizational roll for fund raising.

Despite retirement, Mary Ellen continues to contribute her valuable skills and knowledge by working part-time as an office administrator. Her keen attention to detail and organizational prowess ensures the smooth day-to-day operations within office. Her dedication to excellence and exceptional work ethic makes her an invaluable asset to the team.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Mary Ellen cherishes the time spent with her family. She has been happily married for 45 years and is the proud mother of two daughters. With four grandchildren, she finds joy in their presence and loves nurturing their growth. In her leisure time, Mary Ellen indulges in family trips, taking in the beauty of nature through walks, organizing and leading a women’s Bible study and pursuing her creative passions such as crafting and sewing.

Throughout her multifaceted journey, Mary Ellen has demonstrated remarkable achievements in both her professional and personal life. Her extensive experience in banking, unwavering commitment to community service, and dedication to family reflect her exceptional character and determination. With her wealth of knowledge and breadth of skills, she continues to leave a lasting impact on all those fortunate enough to cross paths with her.